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When was the last time that you have checked your marketing strategy? Well, you need to pay attention to it if it was before the time that content marketing in Dubai kicked into the scene! Content marketing is surely one of the most effective ways to promote your business and services. Content marketing involves strategies that use different platforms (social media, apps, blogs, social media etc.) to engage more customers through the creation of interesting content. Let’s explore the reasons as to why you need content marketing for your business –

  • BRANDING – Today you cannot ignore content marketing, if you are talking about the concept of brand marketing in Dubai. The quality of your content equally matters to attract a larger audience and establish your expertise or business as a well-defined brand. You can even team up with already established vloggers or bloggers to create a brand image for your business in the long run.
  • BUILDING TRUST – Content marketing is undoubtedly the best way to build trust within your potential customers. If you manage to create effective and engaging content for your services, it will really gain full trust of your audience.
  • GENERATE REAL CLIENTLE – Another perk of using content marketing is that it helps you attract real buyers for your products and services that are actually interested in using your services.
  • GO VIRAL – When you use social media platforms for content marketing, there are higher chances of your brand going viral for its worth. This is the reason why social media marketing in Dubai is witnessing a rapid growth in content marketing strategies nowadays. Marketing agencies in UAE like, Twenties and Bold help to tell your brand story on the digital and social platform in the most creative and fun way!

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What to learn from big brands – Latest Advertising Strategies Sun, 15 Jul 2018 11:18:40 +0000 Strategy-Top-1024x576 What to learn from big brands - Latest Advertising Strategies

How do the big brands manage to survive? What is it that they do to generate a constant, or most of the times enhanced sales?

Being different and unique is the first piece of advice. Ad agencies in Dubai are creative and committed whose assistance you can seek for creative advertising. 

Here are some advertising strategies of big brands that you need to learn:

1. Experiential Marketing

This is the most effective marketing method wherein you connect with the audience directly. There is a personalized feel here and your target consumers get emotionally attached with your brand. They literally experience the product and present their views. This makes the audience glad and if they are happy, you are happy! You can also share your event on social media to generate increased awareness.

2. Activation support

Connect yourself to big current events such as Olympics and Primetime News. This will make people remember your brand and gives you a big push in the market. Big brands such as Coca- Cola and Oreo have been following this strategy.

3. Use Technology

Now everybody has access to technology. Use it to collect data and analyze, this makes planning easy. It is inexpensive and easily available. Make the most of technology. Use big data.

4. Build Digital Communities

Try to build communities around some time period. Those who are emotionally attached with the time period tend to incline towards your brand. Linking all your offline marketing to your digital channels is essential!

Twenties and bold, a marketing agency Dubai can help you with research, planning and execution of distinct advertising strategies.

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Top Branding Mistakes Sun, 15 Jul 2018 11:05:57 +0000 Brand-Strategy Top Branding Mistakes

Many  times, firms spend lots of money in trying to establish a brand for their business. However, unfortunately, even after putting efforts into the process of branding, it does not take off. Even the major brands can get killed in time if things are not done in the right way. Many creative design agencies in Dubai talk about these common branding mistakes when asked about the failure of a particular brand.

Here are some common branding mistakes committed by designers that need to be avoided for a success story.

Poor or Bad Visuals

Pictures speak louder than words. Thus, it is imperative to work on designing visuals of your logo or representation of your company to leave an impression on your customers. Try to have a consistent visual picture that can work well for creating an impressive brand identity for your company.

Resistance to any kind of change

As per the marketing agencies in UAE, an online company that is resistant to any change is bound to face failure. This is the biggest mistake committed by old generation designers. The reason is that adopting the change means drastically changing the creations that have been made after long hours of efforts. However, if you are not willing to change, your brand will remain behind in the race.

Trying to appeal to everyone

There is a saying that you cannot please everyone in the world or around you. The same goes for brand images as well. You need to create and work on your brand while keeping in mind specific audience. Trying to incorporate any and every customers gives a feeling that there is a lack of knowledge regarding marketing and this usually ends in failure.

However, you can contact TwentiesandBold, an advertising agency in Dubai for more assistance on common branding mistakes and ways to avoid them as well. You can reach them at

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How to measure your ad’s KPIs in the digital world? Thu, 28 Jun 2018 07:28:07 +0000 Mobile-App-Web How to measure your ad's KPIs in the digital world?


It doesn’t matter on what type of digital marketing you are spending money on, there must be a measurement plan in place for you to identify what plans are working in your favor and what not. This will help you in making alterations wherever required. Measuring ad effectiveness is a significant element in business and improving your digital ad effectiveness can bring more revenues. Ad agencies in Dubai can help you create effective digital ads.
Sit with your digital marketing team and discuss the goals to be achieved. There is no single solution, however you have to be clear with what you want from the ad. It may be building brand awareness, increasing sales or enhancing reputation of your business. Have a precise, measurable goal!
Track performance in stages. Don’t make the mistake of waiting till the end of your ad campaign. Consistent tracking lets you identify what worked well for you and where. You will also be able to identify the mistakes, if any. This will help in planning your future campaigns. Ad agencies in Dubai can assist you with this.
One strategy might work for you but another one might not. For instance change the content keywords or the background color of your video. Observe what effect they have on your audience. Testing will allow you to identify the most successful strategy.
If your ad is successful and you are able to generate more sales, do not stop there! You can always find areas which require improvement. Don’t forget that your competitors will also be trying new things, you can lose out anytime if you ignore! Always try to improve.
Ad agencies in Dubai can be of great help to create digital ads. One such innovative agency is the Twenties and bold. Hire their services and stay ahead!

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Do you think one day AI will takeover your creative jobs? Sat, 23 Jun 2018 02:19:55 +0000 shutterstock_678638569-1-1024x683 Do you think one day AI will takeover your creative jobs?

AI Will Never Take Your Job If You Are Creative

Artificial Intelligence is being used in many areas of late and Business Marketing is no different. AI can process data quickly and accurately and can predict things for you based on the analytics. It saves you time and takes the stress off you from dealing with large data. However if you are looking for creativity, AI is not for you. It is only for analytical jobs that you can depend on AI, not to forget the precision while handling huge volumes.

Creative Design Agency Dubai For Creative Marketing

Marketing is not just data and analytics. It demands a lot of creativity and human brain is second to none when it comes to being creative. If you are looking for creative design Dubai, you better opt for a creative design agency in Dubai. A creative design agency Dubai can help you with creative marketing, thus making you unique in the market. Being unique means you are grabbing attention! Even though AI can mimic your brain, it can never surpass the creative capacity the human brain has. So if you are looking to stay long in the market, you need to look for a focused and determined creative design agency Dubai such as Twenties and bold. For more information click

Stand Out In The Highly Dynamic Market!

AI can make things easy for you. The neural networks are made to think like a human brain; however it depends a lot on historical data. Consumer market is very dynamic and things keep changing every now and then. You need to stand out, be more creative if you want to survive in such a business place. Only a human brain can do the best here! 

It is a highly competitive market; make your marketing creative to enhance your sales and revenues!

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Digital channels around us nowadays Sat, 23 Jun 2018 02:16:15 +0000 Content-Marketing-Industry-Trends-I-1024x550 Digital channels around us nowadays


If you are a marketer, you need to have an idea about the emerging trends in the digital marketing space. New digital marketing technologies can help your business to expand and grow in numerous ways. Take a look at the newest trends in the digital marketing space that are changing the face of digital marketing services in Dubai 

  • CONTENT MARKETING – Content marketing continues to grow as one of the most significant digital marketing tools in Dubai. You all know that content marketing takes its roots from web pages, but today marketing strategies are focusing on more interactive and personalized content to engage the customers. This strategy translates into focusing on substantial video content, interactive apps, and personalized content based on viewer’s profile.
  • INTERNET OF THINGS – Internet of Things (IoT) is another digital marketing strategy that is quite relevant for retailers. IoT involves sharing of data within devices that can greatly impact the services provided by a business. This is one digital marketing tool that is estimated to grow manifold in the coming times.
  • SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION – SEO or search engine optimization is a significant digital marketing tool that has changed the face of marketing in the recent years. SEO helps with brand marketing by increasing the online visibility of a webpage or website with organic results. 
  • AUTOMATED MARKETING – Automated marketing focuses on marketing content through predictive analysis including interactive email marketing. In the world of digital marketing, automated marketing plays an important role for businesses to generate a greater customer base.
  • MULTI-CHANNEL MARKETING – This is the time when top advertising agencies in Dubai are opting for multi-channel marketing for businesses to engage with customers across channels. You can get in touch with Twenties and Bold – one of the best ad agencies in Dubai to choose the best route for your business! 


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What’s the battle between Visuals vs Copy? Sat, 23 Jun 2018 02:11:00 +0000 shutterstock_787714423-Converted What's the battle between Visuals vs Copy?


It is a fact that a picture is worth thousand words. Visuals are used all over the place for online marketing. Moreover with social media providing for videos, this is only gaining more popularity by the day. Some of the examples might be Instagram and Facebook posts, You tube videos and SnapChat. If you are looking at advertising Dubai, you cannot ignore visuals. A digital agency Dubai can be a good option for you to try.

Copy was the core advertising format until Television took over. Even though copy can give more information than a visual, it is not appealing in nature, except for a very few. However they are essential in some places to give a clear message.


 People are fast-paced today. You cannot expect them to go through your ad in detail, without an engaging video content. Videos are attractive and if you want people to stop and take your message, there is no better way than creating a visual.

Visuals have a more appealing nature. The use of fonts, colors and humor have contributed to this. Visuals can make a big impact however be careful to make your message clear. One mistake could prove very costly for you.

You can only grab attention of your audience if your visuals are engaging in the first few seconds. So if you have a small message, visuals are the best option. You can make it straight and clear without any ambiguity. Seek help from a digital agency Dubai.


Even today, you can find people who love to read copies. However you need to know exactly what your audience are looking for. Moreover be specific to the content, try to add numbers to your copy to make it more relevant and eye- catching, and use the right words!

You can use copy when you need to make a lengthy product description or strong comments.

A blend of visuals and copy would also make your ad ideal. A digital agency Dubai such as Twenties and bold can give you creative solutions.

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What are the ROIs of influencer marketing ? Sat, 23 Jun 2018 02:08:32 +0000 Social-media-Top-1024x576 What are the ROIs of influencer marketing ?

Are you looking for brand marketing dubai? Want to try Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is the most efficient way to build your brand and raise awareness quickly. This strategy has been gaining popularity in the digital world of late and is being widely used by marketers. Boost your sales by generating new leads through Influencer marketing on social media Dubai!



Influencers will have trusted relationships and credibility. They would have earned people’s respect and therefore recommendations by these people will have a huge influence on the audience. People engage actively and you are assured of more leads and revenues.


An influencer can reach out to a large audience. By using an influencer you can create brand awareness, in other words, your business will be discovered by a large number of people. However make sure you provide valuable content to make their presence on social media a reputable one. An influencer can make wonders happen for your brand marketing Dubai.


An influencer can effectively reach your audience, better than any other ad. This is because they already have a trusted following. This strategy also proves cost- effective for you as you need not spend funds on finding and reaching your target audience. Influencer marketing also has the capability to inspire the audience to go for your brand.


Connecting with an influencer allows you to build strong relationships. You may find big opportunities like joint ventures and live events in the years ahead!

If you are a startup struggling to create brand awareness or any company looking for online brand marketing Dubai, Influencer marketing is for you! Try this revolutionary strategy and be sure of gaining relevant leads for your business. With so many benefits Influencer marketing has to offer, you have no reason to think any longer!


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To Post or Not To Post! Sun, 13 May 2018 08:10:00 +0000 Definitely you need to post on social media Dubai! However, you need to have a clear idea on what, where and when to post. Otherwise it may do more damage than good. Social media apps are all over the place. It is your job to identify the right one- in other words you need to choose the platform where a majority of your target audience are active and you have more scope to engage them. Just diving into all networks won’t give results.


Post engaging content- be it text or videos. The content must be able to provide information that your audience crave for. Moreover make it stand out- it should be unique and be on par with the competitor’s content. The message/ content must be clear and specific, no ambiguity! Post your product/ service information and how it is different from the other brands in the industry. You can also post content on new launches and the special features, if any.


If your key audiences are hooked to Facebook, you better think of creating short engaging videos that capture their attention in the first few seconds. Instagram and LinkedIn are also widely used, however if you have an informal message, you can always circulate them in various social media groups such as Snapchat and Whatsapp.


There is no standard time as such to post your content. However always monitor your competitor’s steps. Plan your strategies ahead of your competitor and try to gain an edge. Create awareness well in advance if you have a product launch and engage your audience on social media. Ask them suggestions and make changes if required. Considering their views will earn you loyalty. You can also post relevant information if there are any changes to your product. Observe when your audience is most active on social media and make use of the opportunity.

Ad agencies in Dubai such as Twenties and bold can help you with outstanding social media marketing.

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Info-graphics Importance Sun, 13 May 2018 08:07:38 +0000 graphic-design-tools-Feature_1290x688_MS-1024x546 Info-graphics Importance

Marketing agencies in UAE are using infographics as one of the most significant tools for their marketing services. The success of infographics in the marketing industry proves that a picture speaks louder than words. Basically infographics is informative visual content that is combined with text to serve the purpose of conveying relevant information in an attractive manner. So what are the factors that make infographics important for your marketing strategy? Let’s take a look –

  • SOCIAL MEDIA WORTHY – Infographics help you create a buzz for your business on various social media platforms as they are more likely to attract shares, likes, and followers for your content.
  • GREAT FOR SEO – Another factor that makes infographics quite relevant for your marketing plan is that it is great for your business’s search engine optimization. Infographics tend to generate more attention from viewers that automatically helps to rank better on search engines.
  • PULLS MORE VISITORS TO YOUR WEBSITE – You must know that infographics have a link to your website. So whenever someone finds your infographics attractive they are more likely to be inclined to visit your website. Thereby, infographics helps you pull new visitors to your website, making your marketing plan a success!

At present, there are so many creative design agencies in Dubai that help you create the best infographics for your marketing purposes. You need to integrate infographics in your content marketing plan in 2018 to build on your business to the next level. For this purpose, you first need to find an experienced and trustworthy marketing service in Dubai that has the best creative designs to fulfill your requirements. Twenties and Bold is one of the top creative digital agencies in Dubai that can help you come up with your first infographics!

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