How To Create an Engaging Video

If you want to create engaging short videos look for a creative agency Dubai. A design agency Dubai will be able to create wonderful videos that are engaging and appealing.

However you can think of ideas too if you have social media strategies at hand and there is no better way to engage your audience than an effective short video. ‘Short’ here means, a few seconds or minutes. Sounds easy and interesting?



This is the first step. Look for ideas on your blog posts. Google analytics is also a great option to look for ideas. You can also check your competitor videos. Check out the top tweets on Twitter through Social Bearing while LinkedIn might also help you generate some ideas.

  1. PLAN

The best method of planning for a short video is through generating a storyboard. This helps you visualize how the video will look like. You are highly recommended to engage your audience in the first few seconds of the video, else the purpose may not be served. Add text to the video so that your audience can understand the message, even when watched without the audio. Most of the times people tend to keep their phones in the silent mode, so adding text would be a good idea.


A smartphone can work wonders to create a short video. However keep in mind the following things:

  • Try to record the video in natural light
  • Plug in a microphone to speak
  • create a simple background for your video
  • Use a tripod to keep your phone stable.
  1. EDIT

There are many editing tools like Quik, Vidlab and Videoshop to add effects and find highlights in your video.


Now with all editing done, you can share the video on social media platforms.

While you can create short engaging videos, a creative agency Dubai like Twenties and bold will be able to bring better results.


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