Digital Marketing has become the most effective way of promoting any brand in the last decade. With the inception of Internet and Smart phones, there’s a new breed of audience that has become the biggest lot. Our digital marketing team can be labeled as pioneers due to the vast amount of experience they possess dealing with all kinds of digital marketing techniques. The digital advertising & marketing in Dubai team of Twenties and Bold has the right set of tools and knowledge to serve you and provide you optimum level of digital marketing services.


Search Engines are one of the most important elements of the internet, since almost everyone uses them on a daily basis. We provide you search engine optimization and search engine marketing packages that can help your search engine visibility by leaps and bounds.

Video Marketing

Who doesn’t use YouTube regularly? Well, Video has become the top used mediums of the internet. Our Video marketing packages can help you or your brand reach the masses by the means of video marketing.


PPC or briefly known as Paid Per Click is one of the most effective ways of marketing due to the fact that it provides fast and efficient results. Our PPC marketing services help you lower the cost and increase the clicks or engagement you get from your PPC advertisements.