To Post or Not To Post!

Definitely you need to post on social media Dubai! However, you need to have a clear idea on what, where and when to post. Otherwise it may do more damage than good. Social media apps are all over the place. It is your job to identify the right one- in other words you need to choose the platform where a majority of your target audience are active and you have more scope to engage them. Just diving into all networks won’t give results.


Post engaging content- be it text or videos. The content must be able to provide information that your audience crave for. Moreover make it stand out- it should be unique and be on par with the competitor’s content. The message/ content must be clear and specific, no ambiguity! Post your product/ service information and how it is different from the other brands in the industry. You can also post content on new launches and the special features, if any.


If your key audiences are hooked to Facebook, you better think of creating short engaging videos that capture their attention in the first few seconds. Instagram and LinkedIn are also widely used, however if you have an informal message, you can always circulate them in various social media groups such as Snapchat and Whatsapp.


There is no standard time as such to post your content. However always monitor your competitor’s steps. Plan your strategies ahead of your competitor and try to gain an edge. Create awareness well in advance if you have a product launch and engage your audience on social media. Ask them suggestions and make changes if required. Considering their views will earn you loyalty. You can also post relevant information if there are any changes to your product. Observe when your audience is most active on social media and make use of the opportunity.

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