What to learn from big brands – Latest Advertising Strategies

How do the big brands manage to survive? What is it that they do to generate a constant, or most of the times enhanced sales?

Being different and unique is the first piece of advice. Ad agencies in Dubai are creative and committed whose assistance you can seek for creative advertising. 

Here are some advertising strategies of big brands that you need to learn:

1. Experiential Marketing

This is the most effective marketing method wherein you connect with the audience directly. There is a personalized feel here and your target consumers get emotionally attached with your brand. They literally experience the product and present their views. This makes the audience glad and if they are happy, you are happy! You can also share your event on social media to generate increased awareness.

2. Activation support

Connect yourself to big current events such as Olympics and Primetime News. This will make people remember your brand and gives you a big push in the market. Big brands such as Coca- Cola and Oreo have been following this strategy.

3. Use Technology

Now everybody has access to technology. Use it to collect data and analyze, this makes planning easy. It is inexpensive and easily available. Make the most of technology. Use big data.

4. Build Digital Communities

Try to build communities around some time period. Those who are emotionally attached with the time period tend to incline towards your brand. Linking all your offline marketing to your digital channels is essential!

Twenties and bold, a marketing agency Dubai can help you with research, planning and execution of distinct advertising strategies.


Ahmed Rihany

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